The modern young woman wants to see her TRUE self. She wants to discover who she is and wants to see the impact of her reflection. She knows she is growing and changing and wants to celebrate becoming the best version of herself.

She doesn’t compete with others because she knows her value lies in her uniqueness. She knows she is destined for great things and is likely already doing them. She’s a lover, a fighter, and a dreamer of a great future. 

The modern young woman knows greatness doesn't come from wishing but by creating and she knows that a great vision of herself will empower her.


I am in the business of confidence. I specialize in women portraiture because I can see a woman's natural beauty and know how to capture her essence. The modern young woman seeks me out because she wants to invest in herself through my work. 


Art has been a constant companion through out my entire life. I love to explore different medium but photography has always been my favorite. It was something that choose me, long ago before I knew that this was for me. I picked up a camera at a very young age and treasured my photographs above all else. 

In my work I found freedom to be myself and in being truly myself I found that I could inspire others to open up and allow me to show them what I see. ​​Your strength, your softness, your power, your light!

I have spent many years researching confidence, self-esteem and manifestation as well as art, photography and posing.

I know the power an image has and how it can uplift and encourage a person. I want to learn about you and focus on all the natural beauty that exist in you so that you too can see how  beautiful you truly are! 


For a long time I looked for validation outside of myself. I wanted my family to be proud of me and my tribe to approve of me. After finding myself always empty, I flipped my script and began to see all the great things I loved about myself. I searched and found what nourished my soul and chased that with reckless abandon.


I love me and everything that is knitted inside of myself. My heart is kind and soul so deep. My body is mine and I am unique. ​My flaws make me interesting and my past makes me strong. There is nothing I can't do and there is no right or wrong. I am a woman changing from time to time and you better believe I am enjoying my life. 

I invite you join me, to fly weightlessly. I invite you to face that YOU that is underneath. Underneath the labels and your credit score. Underneath language and all the things we hoard. Release all your fears and all your flaws, you were made perfect and you are enough!


herasandco@gmail.com | San Diego, California + Destination Photographer | IG: @herasandcompany

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